Thursday, September 30, 2010

owl napkin rings!

Last year while setting up for our first Thanksgiving (as a couple and a new family, etc.) with Adam, I decided I would have an owl theme for the table, but I was home from the store already and didn't want to spend anymore money and wanted something COOL to go with the owl balloon I snagged on the way out of Stop & Shop. There I was on Thanksgiving morning with all of the other nuts buying marshmallows and running with cans of Bruce's yams and frantically bagging up their items. I love it. the mayhem!

Anyway, I came up with an idea for owl napkin rings. I made them with Kaya and it took us about 35 minutes from start to finish. I had cut out some of the owl pieces while she was off playing. I find it best to begin crafts with 4 year olds with all pieces laid out and ready to go! A bonus is when you can use household items like we did.

cutting things out.

getting the paint ready.

prepping parts for kaya to do.

all done:

table set with owl balloon and napkin rings:

bonus, food!

I think they're cute. I rushed a little bit as I was cooking and I was 8.5 months pregnant at the time but I'm sure you could modify this a little bit and make them perfect :) We enjoyed them though and I kept them in the holiday drawer in case we decide to use them again this year :)


Joy Madison said...

so so cute! I love owls! This is a great easy craft!

elizabeth (beth) said...

Thanks Joy!