Friday, June 6, 2008

You won't like me when I'm angry

Kaya like TONS of what some would call "girl" things, but she LOVES a lot of what may be "boy" things too. I love it all even when I trip and fall over giant green hulk fists screaming "YOU WON'T LIKE ME WHEN I'M ANGRY"

She is so active. I mean, I know what 3 year old isn't crazy active in the summer, right? But she is just so amazing. Yesterday she helped me crush MANURE with out bare hands to mix with vermiculite and peat moss and all of our compost since March. We mixed it all and put it into our hand built garden boxes. Then today (both still exhausted) we went to two parks, One, part of the Rahway River where we fed a gazillion geese and all of their fuzzy off-yellow offspring. Next, to a giant pond and huge park with paddle boats and a mega-playground.

There was a group from a preschool there (ages 2-4, I asked) ...about 30 kids who were on a bussed in field trip for a picnic and she played and conversed with them like a pro. I talked with this father that was a chaperone for awhile about it and if I just lived 2 miles more to the East she would be in FREE PRESCHOOL...(In Elizabeth, NJ) oh well. I will continue searching for a program that fits us. Free is certainly not my top decision point. heh.

Anyway, I ramble. She is just so cool and I needed to gush about my awesome 3 year old for a bit. (maybe next post should be about her "bad side")? ha ha.

goodnight dear friends.