Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm bringing sexy back.

Well, it's that time guys. Back to school. Would you believe that Kaya is now in kindergarten? My tiny little baby who I GREW UP WITH. yes. (it's true. we grew up together!) is now in grade k. full day.

I noticed something strange on the blacktop during dismissal.

Seriously, I am the only mom out there with cleavage. What is it with turning 30 that makes people cover up their boobs? Or 40? I just don't get it. And, maybe I won't until (unless?) one of the kids asks me to cover up. Until then, SORRY! large boobs. cute shirt. I'm going to pick the cute shirt over the one that covers all of my skin :) Deal with it, or don't look. It's just something I noticed. Maybe I noticed b/c I tried jogging in a 'built in bra' tank yesterday. HA! They were smacking me in the face almost and I swore never to try it again, BUTTTT I made it to her school with the jogging stroller in about 4.5 minutes. FOUR POINT FICE BIT**ES!!! Which beats my time with the old stroller by like 3.5 minutes you see. This is awesome why? Because I weigh about 40 lbs less now and I kick ass and can actually JOG for that long now. I could not before. I couldn't do a lot of things that I can do now and just think what I'll be able to do if I reach my goal weight and lose another 50. I may be able to RUN or something. Or like NOT DIE from working out. hee!

OH! working out makes me think of food. So.....Giada at home. MMM. That seems to be on on most days when Andrew asks for a nap and it seems to be around the time when I am planning out my dinner menu sooo....I've just got to try this one it sounded so delicious and with that combination it's got to be mouth watering! It's Roasted Citrus-Herb Game Hen and mmmm. zesting 2 oranges and a lemon and adding fresh thyme and mint to just about ANYTHING sounds mouth watering eh? Oh, and question? Is trussing poultry necessary for any reason or is it just for looks? Thanks.

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elizabeth (beth) said...

starting blogging again after years. we'll seeeee......